Get Outside Mountain Relay

Dec. 17, 2017 4:39 pm
Dec. 17, 2017 4:39 pm

Get Outside Mountain Relay


Get Outside Mountain Relay

122 Glade Valley Church Rd.

Glade Valley, NC 28627

Latitude: 36° 28' 19.0122"

Longitude: -81° 3' 5.22"


Business: (336) 363-4984

Admission Information

Check the website for information.


Think of a wheel. Runners (Gomers) are running around the tire. They are being shuttled back and forth along the spokes. GOMR Nation is the Hub where camping, resting, playing, and community will be happening. This means no van rentals. We’re taking care of the transportation so all you have to focus on is running and having a great time. Stake your claim, build a community, and live as a nation of Gomers for the weekend. Haven’t you wanted to get to know runners in the other van? Haven’t you wanted to get to know the other teams? Haven’t you wanted to stretch out somewhere without the fear of being run over? Well, GOMR is that and so much more. Food, fellowship, music, games, shopping, massages, yoga, and shade trees galore! Sign up early for the best discounts. Field is limited to the first 100 teams.