Sapphire Valley Outhouse Races

Feb. 17, 2018 11:00 am
Feb. 17, 2018 3:00 pm

Sapphire Valley Outhouse Races


Sapphire Valley Outhouse Races

217 Sapphire Valley Road

Sapphire, NC 28774


Contact:Jim King

Latitude: 35° 7' 9.1956"

Longitude: -83° 3' 14.9574"


Business: (828) 743-2251


Homemade outhouses can be made of wood, cardboard, plastic, or any other homemade items. There are three people to a team and outhouses are secured on a set of skis, which can be provided to you by the Sapphire Valley Ski Area. These skis are pushed by two team members, while one team member 'sits' inside. Outhouses are equipped with a seat with at least one (1) hole, and a roll of toilet paper, or alternative wiping source. The race course is a two-lane track on packed snow (or on ice), with two teams racing each other head to head over a length of approximately 120 feet (40 yards), the first 30 feet being propelled by the pushers and the last 90 feet under its own gravitational power.